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It was Chance that led me to the theater, in a Theater Workshop at the University of Buenos Aires while studying scientific computing. There, I had a revelation. I discovered the Stanislavski approach to acting, "The Method" and the wonderful world of theatrical creation, the "Magic IF" !


Later it was Eugenio Barba and Jerzy Grotowski, Tadeusz Kantor, Meyerhold, Artaud and Peter Brook who would become my guiding lights. A desire formed to raise awareness and change society, and also transform myself. In 1983 freedom returned after seven years of military dictatorship in Argentina.


Later, Chance - once again - in 1990 made me meet Mario González in Paris, the undisputed master of the Mask and Commedia Dell'Arte. I was fascinated, instantly overwhelmed by the beauty and essence of the theater, the power of the actor's use of the gaze and bodily commitment. Mario became my teacher, I became his assistant at CNSAD (French National Drama School). I followed in his footsteps, soaking up his teaching, learning my profession as an actor and director.


In 1998 I created the company Zéfiro Théâtre. I continue to act and direct, in collaboration or alone, in France, the United States or Iceland.


I teach the neutral mask and the CLOWN, I organize workshops throughout the world, and around my world; trying to transmit my passion to both young and old.


Rafael Bianciotto


My inner space has grown thanks to the theater, and still continues to grow.

I come from more than one country. I was born in Argentina and it was there that I spent my childhood and teenage years. As a young adult, France became my adopted country. Iceland also participates in the beating of my heart.


But one territory encompasses them all : the Theater. The place of dreams, the place of life.

crédit photo: Alejandro Rumolino - 2022

Director, actor

State diploma theater teacher

2015 Fulbright France Laureate

Rafael Bianciotto was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1966, and has been based in France since 1990. In Paris he met Mario Gonzalez, a Mask & Clown Master, and became his disciple. In 1995 Rafael founded the theatre company The New York Mask & Clown Workshop in New York City. He has worked in Paris with his own company Zéfiro Théâtre since 1998. Rafael has directed workshops in France, Sweden, Iceland, and throughout the world.


In Iceland he directed "Sokrates", “Deadly Sins, a Dvine Comedy” (Dauðasyndirnar) at The Reykjavik City Theatre. He also directed Shakespeare’s “The Twelfth Night” (Threttandakvold) at The National Theatre of Iceland. Both performances got nominated for the GRIMAN (Icelandic Theatre awards) as Best Shows and Best Director of the year 2008/2009. He was "Scholar-in-Residence" and professor at Ramapo College and Bergen Community College in New Jersey (USA) in 2015 following the Fulbright France 2015 Laureate.


Among his other directing works are “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes, “Fear and Misery of the III Reich” by Bertolt Brecht, “Candide” by Voltaire, “The Tempest” by Willliam Shakespeare and his most recent creation a clown show “ORIGINES”.


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