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In Greek, theater means “to look” or the place where one watches.


“Personnage” (character in french) came from latin "personare" (to make it sound) and designates the actor's "mask"


One of the acting basics that Mario Gonzalez taught me is: Trust. To trust ourselves and trust each other. My method stems from this, I am thrilled to transmit this as the essence of my teaching.


As a teacher, listening is essential to understand the student and to invite him or her to transform themselves and bring to each day a new look free of all preconceptions.


  • Guide the student towards the construction of a character that is bigger than her or his self.

  • Take the student higher and larger than usual.

  • Be demanding, but always with kindness and trust.

  • Never leave a student by the side of the path or in the grip of paralyzing questions.


The right word, said at the right time, can change a life.

Education is a space of freedom and research. Whatever the result, my goal is to guide the human being, whether she or he is a confirmed actor or not, in his/her artistic journey.


The courses organized within the company Zéfiro Théâtre allow rich and fluid bridges between teaching and creation, the two activities are nourished together . The use of the mask remains the basic tool of my teaching.


Professional workshops

Amateur workshops

Interventions (behind the scene)

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